AwokenRP [pc] [40 slot] [dallas]
Direct Connect

We welcome both Voice and Text RP but highly encourage voice RP due to certain mods we are an 18+ Server since we are an 18+ plus server we will need anyone who is strictly a text RPer to join staff in a discord call to confirm their age. Please note though that Text RPers might not be engaged for roleplay by voice RPers as waiting around for someone to type can hinder the Voice RPers experience hence why we highly encourage Voice RP.

AwokenRP is a judgement free zone. We have zero tolerance for bullying and want everyone to feel comfortable with their voice RP. If you want to play a character of a different gender to your own go for it you don't have to sound like Scarlett Johansson or Morgan Freeman as long as you try that's all we ask for.

It is an NA Dallas server

Max capacity: 40


Discord (or other) Server:

Server does not have a Password as it is a public server until we have a steady player base

Server Settings
XP rate: x3
Gathering Rate:x3
Day/Night Ratio: 0.8
Hunger/Thirst settings: active 0.5 idle 0.1
Drop Equipment on Death: no
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: yes
The Purge Activated: No

Peak Play Times: As this is a new server there are no peak times as of yet.

Does the Server use Mods? Yes
Mods list (all current)
Conan Sexiles
immersive sexiles server mod
immersive sexiles stacks x1000
Exiled lands improved
RP Aesthetics (RA)
Glass Constructions and more
Savage Steel
Ruins of the storm: armor
LTs compass (minimap)
Stygian building kit
lvl 100, more attribute and feats (april 2018)

Server Lore: we do not have a Lore as of yet as I am new to Conan Lore beyond the films (Arnold forever) this is a very relaxed server when it comes to lore there will be people who know all about Conan lore and some who do not which will be a great learning experience for those who are new and a chance for more knowledgeable players to share what they know.

Server Ruleset: Link to the rules are in the Discord there are building restrictions like foundation blocks not allowed, limit on flame bearing light sources as well as fish traps to keep server lag to a minimum and benefit server performance. Please read the rules and ensure you understand them. Feel free to contact a staff member if you need clarification.