The Condemned RP

[NA][RP][PVE][Controlled/Optional PVP][18+]

The Condemned RP is an immersive private server community catering to mature, TEXT-based role-players. Controlled PVP, story-telling, events, and fun without the problems brought on by official servers. We hope to some day grow into a strong community with our own lore-rich world filled with amazing stories and characters.

While we do allow for controlled PVP on our server, please keep in mind that we screen all players to ensure that they are quality writers and experienced role-players, we also have strict rules regarding PVP, so there's no reason to fear losing your base - unless of course, you've provoked a war upon yourself.

The current official lore, while intriguing, leaves a lot to be desired. We hope to fill in the gaps, creating our own unique story and lore - in line with the official story. The greatest thing about a sandbox is the ability to customize and make the world truly our own, whether through our combined storycraft - or via mods.

Our current server settings allows for fast progression, and quick building - so that while we believe that high end equipment and ships should take time and have worth, we also want to expedite the process of getting a character created and established so that RP can take place as fast as possible.

Hopefully, I've caught your interest. Though I understand that this ad leaves much to be desired, it is currently what I have at the moment. If you'd like to have a look or ask me some questions, please stop by our Discord @ or DM @ NorseKorean#3251.