Exiled... We are a recently wiped heavy RP server which involves the aspect of claiming territories for your own, in which you are able to claim territories as you expand your influence on the harsh wasteland. We have an array of mods at your disposal that you can use to further your combat, role-play and immersive experience whilst on the server. With the server being wiped, now might be the best chance you are going to get in terms of creating either a thriving bastion of hope within the cursed lands... or the very curse that helps fuel the chaos and barbarianism of such harsh consequences.

As we have just wiped, we have switched up our mods to help better everyone's immersive experience and to create catalysts to the endgame. These mods are as follows:

*Immersive sexiles
*Class Mod
*Savage Steel
*Conan Sexiles
*Thrall Wars
*Less Building Placement Restrictions

Server Settings XP rate: X3! New Players for the First Month of Server Launch can receive a complimentary level 60 boost to help with the grind! Message an Admin ingame for your boost or use our 50 bonus Levels Kit, usable up until level 10. Gathering Rate is multiplied by two whilst we allow kingdoms to start getting established. We have disabled item drop on death as well as allowed for players to experience the purge if need be!

We run the server on a Dedicated Box allowing for high population, numerous mods, large builds and no lag. Server Specs are: GS2 i7-6700k Intel Core i7 6700K processor with 32 GB DDR4 RAM and a 256 GB SSD with a bandwidth of 10TB!

And finally, we'd like to invite you to help live this experience with us. We're a US based server that's in New York! So come along and have a roll with us!

Discord, where you can find the rules and the IP: https://discord.gg/tcXBeNU