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Shattered Sands 18+ (RP/PVP)

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Shattered Sands 18+ [RP/PvP]

We’re opting not to renew the server and it will shut down on 2/7. Thank you everyone for checking us out and we hope that you had some fun while you were here.

We would like to thank each and every one of you that spent time on the server for giving us the opportunity to create this world.
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In Depth Rules

This is our current rule set as of this posting and is subject to change. Please see the #server-rules channel in our server discord for any updates or additions.

General Rules

  1. Players must be 18 or older - In the world of Conan Exiles, sex, rape, torture, gore and violence are part of the experience. Due to these mature themes we do not wish to expose those who are under aged to mature and explicit content. All players on this server must be 18 or older. All characters created on this server must be role played as 18 or older.
  2. Respect - Creating stories together, dealing with mature content and themes, requires respect for the other story tellers involved. Respect the other player’s choices, boundaries, or objections to certain forms of RP. If you cannot come to an agreement, or are facing toxicity, bring in a mediator. This is the Conan universe, but real people with personal feelings, boundaries, and past experiences are involved and deserve respect.
    Please review the player conduct guidelines in #player-guidelines.
  3. Discord - Every player on this server is expected to be a member of the server discord with the appropriate tags for access. Your discord name must match your character name and any alts you have on the server. This is to easily find you in game and in discord and to verify that players in game are approved for access to the server.
    If you leave the discord server, it is assumed you do not wish to play here, and your items/builds are forfeit.

PvP Rules

  1. RP First - This server is a role play first server. PvP is intended to add to the story, not guide it. Any PvP that occurs on the server must have proper role play preceding it (see Express Intent below.) KoS should never occur. Proper intent IC or OOC must be expressed prior to any PvP.
  2. No Offline Raiding - Any attack on another player’s base or items/or theft of items, must be done while they are online. This does not include thralls or pets placed outside of a reasonable distance from a player base. (See Thrall and Pet rules below.)
  3. No OOC Leaking (Metagaming) - Taking OOC knowledge and applying that to your IC interactions is not allowed. Keep track of what your character has knowledge of in game and avoid pursuing storylines that don’t make sense for them to know. Pursuing other players based on OOC interactions, disputes, or stalking is not allowed.
  4. Express Intent - Whenever a scene is becoming hostile and turning into a PvP situation, please express intent before attacking one another. Whether by an emote or an OOC whisper. We do not want anyone attacked during mid typing.
  5. Miscellaneous PvP - The use of potions or other healing items during a PvP encounter is not allowed unless agreed upon by all parties involved OOC.

Death and Bracelet Hits (PvP)

  • Each character created on the server gets 3 deaths before that character is permanently killed or requires a resurrection quest. These deaths can be the result of PvP or straight RP. You may also permakill your character at any time through RP if you wish.
  • When your character is killed you must make a post in the #graveyard channel, stating who killed you and with what weapon. Indicate a bracelet hit with 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3.
  • You are not required to RP any memory loss from death.
  • After 3 deaths your character has the option to be resurrected, this quest will be given by the Admins. The quest must be completed by followers, friends, or other players known to your character.
  • We often get very attached to the characters we create. You do not always have to give a bracelet hit from a PvP victory. You may simply beat them in a duel, cause them some sort of damage, knock them out, or take them hostage. We want everyone to enjoy the RP they find here.
  • You may not, under any circumstances, go after a player repeatedly for the sake of giving them 3 bracelet hits, permakilling them.

Build Rules

  1. Realism - Your base should be realistic. If you are a solo player, do not build a giant city. If an Admin reviews your build and it is considered too large for your clan size, you will be asked to downsize. Materials will be reimbursed. You will be asked once to downsize your build, if you do not do so within a reasonable time frame, your build may be downsized for you.
  2. Build Awareness - Avoid building where you will force a despawn of world bosses or thralls. You may be asked to move your base if it is blocking a spawn.
  3. Raids - During a raid, a player is not allowed to build or rebuild. You must wait until the raid concludes to begin rebuilding. Whenever a raid takes place you must make a post in the #raid-hints channel. Tag the player or clan so they are aware the raid happened. You can leave an IC clue to facilitate RP. If no clue is given, or no one was seen IC, this is OOC knowledge.
  4. Base Destruction - You may not destroy an entire base during a raid or PvP scenario. Please be considerate, as players spend time creating bases for RP. You may destroy specific parts of a base like a temple, or a wall to breach, chests to loot, etc. But please avoid “stone ageing” and wiping a base from the map.
  5. Foundation Spamming - If you wish to claim a location as your own you must build an actual structure. You are also expected to take down buildings you do not wish to have any longer.

Outposts/RP Hubs

  • Clans are allowed 2 Outposts or RP hubs. However, these may only be built within 3 map squares of your main base. Speak with an Admin to build outside this limit. Any builds found breaking this rule without Admin prior approval are subject to be removed without warning.

Thrall and Pet Rules

  1. Thralls - Archer and Fighter Thralls are considered an act of PVP. If you place them, players may avoid them or kill them. Admins will not replace killed thralls.
  2. Pets - Pets while on guard outside of structures are also to be considered an act of PvP. If you place them unconfined in the world, players may avoid them or kill them. These will not be replaced. Pets contained and placed behind fences will not be considered PvP. Do not jump into a pet corral to have them attack you if they can be easily avoided.

Thralls or pets that are left in the open may be killed regardless of whether the owning player/clan is online or not. Killing a thrall or pet will not be considered a raid, but still requires a post in #raid-hints.

Map Rooms

  • Personal map rooms will not be allowed. There will be a public map room for all to use. PvP is not allowed inside the public map room, but RP is welcome. A warp to the map room will be provided. Along with added portals that lead to the Admin spawned altars to make events easier to get to. The command to get there is /warp maproom.


  • Your character may speak a different language. However, the bracelet may act as a translator, meaning, the language you speak must be a real world one. If players in the RP ask for the language used, you must tell them what it is. Whether the player 'chooses' to understand it, that is up to them. Alternatively you may use < > to denote a language you are speaking if you do not wish to type in another, simply state the language you are using beforehand. (Please note, this is to add flavor if you wish, full posts may not be done in a completely different language. Please be sure the language used makes sense for your character.)

Player Stories

  • If you have an idea for your character that is outside of the current scope of lore on the server, please feel free to bring your story to the Admin team. We will review your idea to see if it's something that we can work in, give the go ahead for and provide you with tools to make it work. While we will try to be accommodating, please understand that not every idea will get an immediate yes and may require some adjustments before we give approval.

Religion and God Bubbles

  • Players and clans will not have use of God Bubbles for their altars. Each religion will have an area with Admin spawned altars and bubbles. This is only due to the fact that if a player leaves the server, the bubble stays in the world.
  • Players, if they choose, may pick one main religion. Events will be held for players respective religion. Many of which will offer rewards. (One main religion for event purposes, outside of that you may have however many you like.)
  • These altars placed by the Admins will not be allowed to be raided. Removal of altar thralls will constitute as a raid, these altars will be left unlocked, any player caught taking these thralls will face proper disciplinary actions. Players may not build within or near the bubbles without permission. Anything built in the borders without permission will be removed without warning.

Player Altar Rules

  • Please ensure that your chosen altars make sense together if you have more than 1. We don't wish to see a Mitra shrine next to a Yog shrine. While, Derketo and Set together makes sense.

No Streaming / Youtube

  • Due to the nature of the role play on this server, we ask that you respect the privacy of those that play here. Please do not live stream or record sessions while playing on this server.


  • If you wish to utilize the magic system from the Fist of Essence mod for your character, admin approval is required. We don't require much for approval, we just ask that you make a short (or long) submission to the admin team with your reasoning as to why your character can use magic. You may also post your character profile in #character-profiles describing magic use and point us to that as your submission. Magic should make sense for your character if you are going to use it.
  • If magic is essential to your character and you intend to RP this aspect, just make a submission we can give you a discord tag for magic.
  • Experimenting with the magic system OOC to test it out is fine as long as it's not used for role play or PvP without prior approval.
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Factions on this server are provided by the Age of Calamitous mod:

Basic faction lore can be found here:

Factions can be part of your character’s history, part of where they came from, or an organization they wish to join during the course of their story.

When joining the server players are welcome to choose to integrate this into their character should they so choose, but it is not required. Factions are only given as much weight as players give them. Factions will not be forced into RP beyond that they exist in the lore of this server.

If a player wishes to claim leadership of a faction, this can be done in character. Other characters may or may not choose to recognize that person’s claim to leadership.

Guidelines on the historical leadership structure for each faction is provided, but not required to be followed. For instance, there may be two clans who disagree who should be Queen of Anor Hill. Now there are two Queens. Work it out in RP, provide conflict, make two kingdoms. Be creative.(edited)

Important Note

Take this lore as a starting point for RP on this server. It is not definitive, nor does it align well with the Conan universe. Use it as a backdrop for the faction here on this server. Any persons or rules noted in these descriptions refer to people living or dead outside of the confines of the Exiled Lands within which we play. They do not refer to players on the server. You may follow the leadership structure, or not, in your RP.

We may choose to change up the faction lore here at a future date to weave them into the background lore for Conan, keeping the spirit of each Faction, where possible.
Posted Nov 26, 18 · OP
Amazing! In little over a week of firing up the new server we have almost 50 active players role playing, building, and creating economies!

I am so excited and having a wonderful time so far. Come check us out as we grow!
Posted Dec 5, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 5, 18
We continue to grow! Over 100 registered players (157 lurking in discord). Peak times still hover around 20 concurrently, but there are great people and good role players.

Also, we just added the Pickup+ mod! And werewolves! And... vampires? hmmm...

Our rules are expanding a bit soon, so I'll be updating them here.

Come check us out!
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