Hello there,

I'm a semi casual roleplayer with about three years of RP experience, never joined big campaigns though I'm eager to learn more if its interesting. What I'm mostly looking for is some casual rp; live the Exiled life, feast and fight a little. Forge friendships and relationships, maybe make a enemy or two...thousand ;)

I'm looking for a PC RP server that specifically has decent to good activity between 10:00 - 14:00 and 11:00 - 02:00 UTC since this will be the main time that I'll be playing. A community that is friendly and welcoming, low level of drama and whining and easy to get involved with regarding RP. Aka, I don't wish to roam about the whole map for days to find somebody to talk to.

Short description about me:
I'm EU based, though due to my odd playtime it doesn't matter to me. Consider myself pretty laid back and friendly. Love to joke around and am eager to help where I can. If I'm truly invested into something I don't mind designing a few patterns for mod items.

Looking forward to any suggestions!