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Age of Barbarity (RPvP 18+)

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There was a soft noise, the sound of a foot fall. She turned eyes narrowing slightly, thoughts having been disturbed.

“Baatar, you have something for me?”

The Easterner bowed slightly, his hands offering her a single scroll before withdrawing in silence. For a moment she did nothing, unsure if she wished to know what was contained within. Then slowly she turned her eyes, and her thoughts, to what lay within.

It was not as she had thought. They were slaves here, that was known, unquestioned. What had surprised her is who they were. The Lurmians had walked these lands, she was right in that at least. But as the exiles were, they two had been slaves. Dark eyes turned West towards the nameless city, the implications stunning her. It was here... to here that the Lumrians fled the death of their islands, here that they had sought shelter, and here that they had endured an age of slavery. Yet some how they had freed themselves, destroyed their tormentors and fled north to the great plains. Yet some of their captors had survived to leave their mark upon the world, their images carved into the temples of the black kingdoms. The god kings... they had walked these lands, build the city and blasted these lands.

“Baatar! My armor and weapons. We leave for the Nameless city at once.”

She turned, and strode into her fortress, mind set on her path. If it was true she would find signs of them.... she would find the world eater, the great snake.... and then she would know the truth.

Name of Server: Age of Barbarity


Age Restrictions: 18+

Location of Server: NA

Max capacity of server: 20 however we will expand as needed

Discord (or other) Server:

Is the server pass worded or open: open

Server Settings
XP rate: x2
Gathering Rate: x4
Day/Night Ratio: Long days and Nights
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.2
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: Currently No, Events only

Peak Play Times: Variable

Does the Server use Mods: Yes

If yes, Mods List:

Warrior Mutator
RP Aesthetics
Aquilonian Females
Savage Steel
Immersive Sexiles Extensions
immersive Sexiles Stacks
Conan Sexiles

Is there an application to join the server: No

Server Lore:

Server Lore is based deeply on Howard's works, and to a lesser degree on the work of others within the same setting. The goal is to have an immersive, and barbaric setting that holds true to the setting first laid out by Howard. While we will not be oppressive towards new idea's, in general we encourage people to remain within the bounds of reasonable lore in making their characters, and in their personal plot lines, and indeed are more then happy to help new players develop their stories. As the server population grows we will also be hosting both individual events, and larger plot lines to add to the feeling of a living and breathing world, and encourage our players to do the same.

Server Rule set:

We host a rule set meant to encourage immersion, and consequence role play. Local is always considered IC, names required to be lore friendly and cheating of any kind strictly forbidden. Our build rules are generous, with ample space being allowed for both the solo and clan level, and Admin support is happy provide help setting up lore friendly and attractive builds. PvP is set up to allow freedom, but control large scale actions and protect both the solo player and our builds from wanton destruction at the hands of large groups. Rules will be enforced with fairness and admin's being held to a high standard of fair play at all times. Full details are available on our discord.
Posted Nov 5, 18 · OP
Bump! Plenty of spots to build and be creative!
Posted Nov 12, 18
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