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The Exiled Lands of Black Circle

Approximately 25 years ago, the sorcerer known as Thoth Amon discovered The Ring of Set somewhere in the Unnamed City and gained control of the magical bracelets the Acheronians once used to control their slave population. He used this magic to control the ghost wall once used by the Acheronians and began to put prisoners into these mysterious lands, working first for Pharaoh Cestsphon of Stygia, disposing of those troublesome to the ruler. He later expanded his operations to help other people in power get rid of their undesirables and troublemakers. Now, the sorcerers of The Black Ring who do his bidding also often oversee this foul “business” and grow rich off of this unique service, dealing with all sorts of people far and wide.

Whether Thoth Amon possesses a vast trove of the bracelets or is actually able to make them himself is unknown but there does seem to be an inexhaustible supply.

However, there are those who have been born in the Exiled Lands, some of whom are now young adults and do not wear the bracelet. They, in fact, can pass beyond the ghost wall. But this is no magical entrance to the “civilized” world. For the Exiled Lands are vast and trackless and extend beyond the grim wall of green death. It is said none who venture past it have ever returned. However, there are conflicting tales of some who have gone beyond and returned...and it is said that they are mad.

Settlements and cities have grown up over time, some grasping at civilization, some simple clans clinging to the racial familiarity that they knew at home and hostile to “outsiders” and some outright bands of criminals best avoided. A few polyglot areas have emerged, sacrificing old religious and racial ideals in the name of survival and peace. You may join some of these places and forge your future there… or simply tread carefully through them finding adventure or possibly your doom. And of course there is always the possibility of building an empire of your own


Who are we?
A merry band of nerds of all ages (over 18), some of us avid Howard fans and lore mavins and with over 20 years of roleplaying under our belts as well as GM and guild leadership experience. Does this mean you, too, have to be a Howard fanatic and know all his work? Not at all. Just be willing to ask questions and craft characters and stories that fit the genre. We’re here to help you, whether it be supplying lore links or straightening out the occasional game glitch.

What’s in it for you?
A 40 player server with a world crafted for roleplayers! Because we don’t have mounts we’ve instituted a lore-friendly “caravan route” of fast travel using Pippi’s warpers. The maproom has also been reduced to half of its original size and is available in a variety of places. No more spending half an hour running across the map to get to an RP event!

We have made available some great kits for starting players of a variety of RP clothing and even the coveted black and white dyes so you don’t have to stay in rags until you become an advanced armorer!

We have a selection of carefully chosen mods that facilitate roleplay such as the indispensable Pippi and the amazing Emberlight which, in addition to many excellent gameplay enhancements, also brings you Straight Razor, the ability to enhance the appearance of your character with options for body hair removal and 2 settings for “oiled” skin, from a subtle sheen to being downright glossy. In addition we have mods that add to the aesthetics of the world with building enhancements, decorative elements, and even “tame” creatures you can place, as well as expanding the options for skin, hair and eye colors in character creation. And while we do not use drop on death, death is not painless thanks to Emberlight’s Lament. Our own mod, Black Circle, also crafted by Dr. Nash of Emberlight, does a plethora of nice things like giving us better arrows both in terms of damage and lighter weight. If you’ve ever wanted to play a character that is primarily an archer but found it too frustrating in vanilla… Black Circle has you covered.

We strongly encourage and support players in taking an active role and creating events and story arcs for the server. If you like to GM you definitely have that opportunity here.

There are Admin created and run cities where you will find public crafting stations and boxes as well as a variety of open RP areas. This not only helps out newcomers but those who like to play nomads rather than being tied down to one spot or outlaws who just want a small secret hideaway without the need of erecting a giant crafthall.

There are also public shrines in various locations so you need not build your own and can worship your god (and craft at their shrine!) without a lot of fuss.

Like to alt? You can have up to four characters on the server, with some building restrictions on alts so as not to run the risk of overbuilding.

There are budding established clans on the server as well as the Admin cities with a variety of opportunities. The Admin cities are also clans with room for newcomers and are to be treated like any other clan.

The Stygian city of Xu’Set needs a royal court and High Priestess/Priest of both Set and Derketo.

The jungle city of Nikadai actually needs a new ruler after the death of the previous one has left the populace in limbo. Both need librarians!

Chandra’s Haven can always use merchants, traders and caravan guards!

There are places to live and decorate/alter to your taste in these cities and also room to build your own home within the land claim.

Of course you are also free to strike out on your own and establish your own empire! There’s still plenty of room!

We’d love to see a proper arena established and have been leaving that open for players to do.

Lastly, a rich and comprehensive lore has been established for our version of the Exiled Lands that is in keeping with both the vision of RE Howard and the lore as laid out in the game by Funcom.

Basic server info:

PVE or PVP? RP PVP with perma-death under certain circumstances (see rule set)

Age Restrictions: 18+ only

Location of Server: NA, New York

Max capacity of server: 40


Discord (or other) Server: Discord access will be given on approval.

Is the server pass worded or open or is there a whitelist? We use a whitelist.

Server Settings
XP rate: Base XP Rate 4.0, all other settings at 1.0
Gathering Rate: 2.5
Day/Night Ratio: aprox 1 hour of darkness and 2 hours of light
Hunger/Thirst settings: Have been lowered, especially when idle, to faciliate RP, are higher when character is active.
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: No
Spoiler: Server settingsShow

Peak Play Times: Weekends any time, weekdays usually evenings and nights, mostly EST at present but with players from other time zones as well.

Does the Server use Mods? Yes

If yes, Mods List:
Pippi 880454836
Cupcake Aesthetics 1532737846
Condemned RP - Decor 1437856038
Condemned RP - Beast Props 1437707581
Exile Architect 1403991684
Savage Steel 1367404881
Emberlight 1369802940
Emberlight - Lament 1401451646
Black Circle 1441983439

Is there an application to join the server? Yes

If yes, link to application:
Spoiler: Our AppShow

Server Lore: Heavy RE Howard Lore, other lore, including player headcannon acceptable where it does not conflict with Howard. If you’re not sure about your idea, it’s preferred that you run it by the Admin.

Server Ruleset: The following is lengthy so bear with us!
Spoiler: Rules For The Black CircleShow

Spoiler: Our Code of ConductShow

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<3 love you guys. Absolutely stunningly beautiful server and fantastic friends :)
Paks (AoC/CE) ~~ Pax ~~ GrannyW (WoT)
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Posted Oct 1, 18
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Intrepid explorer Djetkara prepares to travel with the caravans with her new bestie, Iah, a gift from her beloved Baslamh. The pint sized nerdy librarian from Nikadai has decided to record her adventures for posterity. I mean, what could go wrong?
Posted Oct 25, 18
We've been busy over here! For my part, I've been working on a down-in-the-dirt gritty fight pit with a nice perch for those distinguished guests and nobles to enjoy their blood-sports.


And with the Pippi wallpaper feature, we can really include some amazing art and visual features to the game as well.


RP is really starting to ramp up and people are settling into their chosen territories. But there's still PLENTY of room left if you're interested in applying.

Slow prey. Clear trails.
Posted Nov 13, 18
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