The day before the '500 fixes' patch, I could simply press loot all and pick up items carried off of corpses. The grand new patch happens, and suddenly one needs a skinning dagger or cleaver to mutilate the corpse and then one is allowed to gain loot from the subsequent loot bag. This is a minor inconvenience until one has to find and retrieve items from their own corpse!!! This is just lousy. It is lousy enough that player corpse can not be present where the death icon is at times, but to have to go forge a new skinning dagger to retrieve items from own corpse, is particularly lousy. It is lousy enough that a person cannot take a family vacation without losing their base and all that they tirelessly played for hours to build, but then to spot your corpse, see all that it is holding, then not be able to retrieve with the loot all button (that worked fine day before the patch) is just bush league.

I fell off of a cliff last night, died, went to my death icon just to never see the corpse. That's happened a few times and was very disheartening but not a deal-breaker. So, this morning, go up to the mountains for the daily Iron hunt, wander a little too far as the iron veins lured me to where I was, and get caught in one of these awesome sandstorms that happen without warning and died. Well, I made sure to craft and place a campfire because I knew I was facing certain death and wanted a good marker to be able to locate my corpse more easily. So, my plan worked, I make the trek all the way back, locate my body which has a 99% capacity of what was mainly ironstone and coal, but had no skinning knife to make the loot sack happen. So then, go back, forge the dagger, in one day cycle, go back and corpse has vanished.

I like the challenge of the game, but the bugs and the shameless robbery of my time and efforts are completely turning me off of the game and the companies that developed it. How and why would they release a game with so many bugs. Not minor bugs, but major bugs! They are either major bugs or major flaws and shortsightedness in design. Or maybe all these thefts of time and resources are by design, in which case I will NEVER purchase any dlc, and will likely be taking this garbage to gamestop to try and recoup some of my losses.

Thanks to this community for letting me post this rant. I know there is at least one designer or developer that will see this and other posts similar and I ask nicely (for now) please fix these things. This is a great game (aside from its obvious weaknesses) and it would be a shame to see it fall on its face due to players frustration, and lack of initiative on the part of the development team.

PS4 btw