We've added new forums for the RP XBox and PS4 community. This may be a small group even among roleplayers but they are a growing group and there's no reason for you guys to have to wade through the far more numerous PC Server ads when looking for your niche. SO now you have your own forums! Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Want your server ad stickied? Then make sure to include the information below:

CE Server Info

Name of Server:


Age Restrictions: (18+, all ages, etc)

Location of Server: (NA, EU, etc.)

Max capacity of server:


Discord (or other) Server:

Is the server pass worded or open?

Server Settings
XP rate:
Gathering Rate:
Day/Night Ratio:
Hunger/Thirst settings:
Drop Equipment on Death:
God Avatars Enabled:
Containers Ignore Ownership:
The Purge Activated:

Peak Play Times: (This is understood to be approximate and subject to fluctuation)

Does the Server use Mods?

If yes, Mods List:

Is there an application to join the server?

If yes, link to application:

Server Lore: (Heavy RE Howard Lore, Other Established Conan Lore (movies, comics, RPGs, other authors who have written Conan stories), Other Custom Lore (please describe in detail)

Server Ruleset: (Here is where you will discuss things like rules applied to PvP, building limitations, perma-death, etc.)