Name: Dubhghall Ua Airfhindán
Age: 35
Height: 6'5
Weight: 168lbs
From: Cimmeria
Clan: The White Bulls
Hair: White
Eye Color: Blue
Scars: Multiple scars on his back and chest
Tattoos: Two large bulls on his back. Knot work up his legs and Knot work on his chest and neck.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Religion: Cimmerian Pantheon
Dubhghall was born into The White Bulls, located at Hoath Plateau in Cimmeria. Dubhghall grew up like many Cimmerian boys learning to become a warrior however as warriors, he also watched over the white cattle across the eastern plainsof the Hoath plateau. . He was proud of the Clan's livestock like many of his kin, he dyed his hair and beard white, wore a white kilt and carried a spear and shield on his body, a shield covered in white hide. Dubhghall was never one to wear a helmet, his hair was braided in many braids, long and flowing, his hair even made some of the women jealous, while he wore his hair in braids, it was normal to see bull shaped jewellry hanging from it.

Dubhghall was a simple man within in his Clan, looked after the cattle, protected it from raids yet in his years of been alive never found a wife for himself. Maybe his loyalty to his clan was more important however he wanted sons and daughters, strong children, he always thought that day would come till he ventured to Aquilloina.

Dubhghall and three of his clansmen were tasked with leaving Cimmeria to go to Aquillonia to sell some of their hides to the villages near Cimmeria yet unknowing to them, these villages banded together and decided not to pay for the beautiful white hides but instead taking them and leave the Cimmerians for dead, these villagers clearly showed kill as if a group of mercenaries taught them how to fight. At the moment after the attack the White Bulls men were captured, their fate was clear....left to die in a desert. Dubhghall, even in this land he is still the proud bull he will always be. He is fierce, strong, and quick to anger like the bull.