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The Free Brothers are recruiting!

The former brothers in arms beneath the banner of Aquilonia have risen again to strike fear once more in the hearts of the innocent. They decided to live from pillaging and raiding after realizing how little king Numedides cared about his men who guarded his borders, sending little supplies and small wages. Only those who dared to stay between a brother and his loot met cold steel, no matter the age or gender. Of course, a band of highwaymen didnt go unnoticed, and when they raided a caravan carrying the kings new carpets, search parties were organized and the brotherhood was utterly destroyed. Or so they thought.

A real town is rising in the west, providing custom housing for brothers, safety and the ability to craft high quality supplies. With every member the fort expands, and so will our influence in the west. Our walls will withstand armies of thralls, undead and all others that stalk the north. Every brother is accepted, as long as they can hold a sword. Besides that, we offer friendly brawls and raids and basically everything you can do with another. Drinking from an undeads skull raises our spirits.

We have made our own code of honour, and made our own beliefs. We dont care about the god a brother or sister worships, since most of us belief no good god would ever allow their followers to be sent to this hell. Unite exiles, to ruin the west, and build a thriving empire on the ruins of the past.

If you're interested, pm me on this site, discord (Maximus)or steam (Another Innocent Tumor).
Posted Nov 12, 17 · OP
Server info:
(US)Thoth-Amon (RPvEvP) - New Player Friendly!!!
Server IP/address:
~~Server Stats~~
Server Created: 10-3-2017
x1.5 Experience
x2.0 Gathering
(stats are subjected to change due to the majority of the community's needs)

-Weekend PvP times-
11am-11pm. Saturday and Sunday!

The vision of the Aquilonia server is to have a community of players that can experience all aspects of the game, but without ruining the game experience of others.

Our Goal
The goal for this server is to give players an experience as close to the Official Servers as possible without the trolls and greifers. Slightly increased gathering rates makes it slightly faster to proggress while you're still getting a sense of accomplishment and being rewarded with the time you put into your character's and bases development.

Why join us?
1) Pre-paid for 12 months. started on Aug. 4th.
2) Lag free! Increased our CPU usage and memory Usage, added an additional Affinity Core to help reduce lag and melee Desync.
3) Weekend events. Every other weekend we host x2 exp weekend, x2 Gather Weekend, x2 Thrall breaking weekend!!
4) server hosted out of Chicago, IL, to keep it all centeralized for all player's to have low Ping!
5) The Community runs the server! The admins on the server are devoted to listening and adding the mods that the community votes upon. Server Settings are also up for change, as the community grows and requires more from the game.

--- What Kind of Server are we? --
We're a and RP-PvE server. Think of this server as an official server, but with an active admin team devoted to maintaining the Quality of the server by removing Greifers.

---- Server Rules ---
We don't have a lot of rules due to the fact that we want the gaming experience to be as close to the Official servers as possible. That being said, we do feel there is still a need for a few rules to keep the player's gaming experience positive. They're listed below...

1) No blocking Major spawn areas
2) No Greifing - Defined as random structures to mess with other players.
3) Global/voice Chat is OOC; Local chat is RP

---- How to join ---
- Go to Steam community page.
- At the top select "view"
- Select "Servers" a little more than half way down the drop-down menu.
- Click "Add a Server" and put in
- Click "Add This Address to my Favorites" button
- Log Into Conan Exilesgame Client.
- Click "Play Online"
- click on the top left box and select "Favorite"
NOTE: Due to the game's early access and being very new state, it will take a moment to load. give it a little bit. It may seem like it's not working, but it is.

Any comments on what you would like to see added, changed, or increased on the server, Please do not be afraid to post them!
Posted Nov 12, 17 · OP
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