An infamous mercenary band, the Skullsplitters take on all kinds of contracts and are renowned for brutal efficiency. Their members come from all bands of life, from tribal cannibals to former nobles. Once a chief has accepted a contract, they all join together to fulfill it. Most fight for the coins, others for the thrill of battle, and some for unknown purposes...

The band is made of multiple chapters, each operating in different areas. Each chapter is controlled by a chief who together form a council. When a contract is discussed that require the operation of more than one chapter, the chiefs of the chapters that join for the contract will select a high chief which takes control of all the joined chapters.

The chapter operating in the exile lands, the Wolf Chapter, is ruled by Sindri Grukson.
The clan is located on the Depraved Wastelands server, those looking to join the Skullsplitters should go to the server website and join the discord. Please check the "How to join the server" for the how-to. After that, please post in the clan recruitment thread at the Depraved Wastelands forum.


The Skullsplitter fortress is located in the northern area, built on top of old forgotten ruins.