Clan Skolding is a clan that is Vanir traditional but welcomes anyone whose sword arm is strong and courage in their hearts! We are a clan that has multiple events that focus heavily on combat and rp, We will have an arena to duel each other and train! We raid and pillage thrall camps for slaves, loot, and the experience! We show our strength and our brutality to know who was the ones who fought in these lands! We engage in diplomacies both to those who may seem to be friend, or seethe as we talk with foes. The events will also encompass dungeons and the killing of strong beasts known as 'hunts' to ensure that even digging your axe into the neck of strong beasts will be satisfactory! We worship Ymir through combat and blood, but embrace a magic system that revolves around Ymir's worship! True survivors should not only hunt and kill just to survive, for every kill is to be savored!

For information on Blood Oasis

For interest in joining Clan Skolding and speaking with Jarl Halkon directly, here is the link to join the Skolding Channel on Discord

Join us for never ending fun and experience as we face the cruel harsh world of the Exiled Lands as battle brothers and sisters!