Hey Conan Rpers!
I am looking to build on to our community by finding some RPers who wish to be part of a growing region. We've settled in the Northwest of the map by the Salt Flats and run an RP hub in that area. Looking to add players to the area to give it some life. My clan is aligned as Neutral/Good and we uphold our own laws within our clan and assist where needed across the map. We are looking for people to either make sub-clans of our clan or just live in our borders and be merchants or whatever you want. I'm looking for bankers, barkeeps, soldiers, and gladiators if you are interested please swing by the forum http://conanexilesrp.enjin.com/forum/m/36502369/viewthread/30035233-welcome-to-blood-oasis-role-play-pvp-server/page/1
or by our discord