First off, Desert Sands Roleplay Community is an immersive roleplay community. We are PG-13. What you do in privacy is no immediate concern to me. But publicly, let's assume there may be players who may be uncomfortable with ERP. We are drama free! And harassment of any kind is strictly forbidden.

We are fairly new, having maybe a dozen regulars. Do you want to be part of DSIRC? Let's chat. You can fine me on steam - Sunring1958 or Sethnakhte.

Our site can be found at This is temporary as I am working on a site for DS on Enjin. Our IP/Port is

The rules of this site pretty much reflects my own! There are a few rules concerning building - ie do not block building passes, do not build in an area containing deposits of resources to include thralls. If you build to close to them, they despawn and our resources are limited.

NO CHEATING!! NO HARASSMENT!! NO CLIQUES AND DRAMA!! That's an automatic go to jail with no get out of jail free card!

AS admin, I am there throughout the day and late into the evening. I am there to help you resolve issues and to help the new players to the game and to the server.

If you wish to know more, let's talk on steam or drop in and meet us. Huzzah!