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LVDVS MAGNVS: Gladiator Clan - Bones of Acheron

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Posted around the Exiled lands.


New OOC Information
(Credit to City of Uresh for the OOC information)

In light of the rules changes to the server, Ludus Magnus will soon begin to recruit actively. I am including this brief OOC clan summary up front to make it easier for potential new members to see. If this looks good to you please read the full post:

Members of the clan will be provided with a residence in the Ludus.
Members will be expected to eventually dismantle any pre-existing homes or bases after joining the Ludus. (Subject to individual circumstances)
Members are free agents and can do as they wish in the exiled lands outside of RP story arch's. Everyone is here by their choice, even if you RP a criminal serving justice or a slave gladiator, you are still here by your choice. We will not ask you to do anything you do not consent to.
Members have access to equipment and resources difficult to obtain on your own, especially at earlier levels.
Members are expected to contribute resources to the Ludus. There is plenty of stone, coal, wood, and iron nearby. Even just 3-5 minutes of harvesting goes a long way to maintaining and growing the clan.
Members will be granted extra access to building, event planning, story plots that fit within the theme of the Ludus.

Where the Ludus is located:


Ludus Magnus is a Gladiator training school clan. We are self-contained and interested in adding a neutral RP story arch into the politics and diplomacies of the Bones of Acheron server. The intent is two-fold; a clan that will allow players interested in playing several roles within a Gladiator theme, and as a RP hub for the server. The Red Sands Arena is the central spot for Gladiator events, but we also house an arena that our gladiators will train and hold smaller community RP events. Ludus Magnus is a great place for new exiles to start their journey on the Bones of Acheron Server. We provide you with a safe place to train and advance your skills. We supply you with a bed and food and all the supplies you need. You pay your debt and are free to do as you please.

Being true to Gladiator history, Gladiators were often criminals, slaves, and general vagabonds pressed into fighting, but they also allowed free people to indenture themselves into service, fighting for the schools. For many poor families and individuals, the arena was the only choice to earn a fortune. Most died before even making it to the arena, but those who survived thrived and went on to become wealthy and powerful citizens of the Roman Empire. This is the story arch we want to follow with Ludus Magnus (although there is room to RP the criminal and slave aspect for other clans to collaborate with, we can be your jailor until justice is served!)


In Hyboria, Gladiator arenas are prevalent across all countries, but none more so than in Koth. We will expand upon this lore and use it to create our own deep lore the entire server can be active in. As well, with the hint of possible chariots as mounts, expect the Ludus Magnus to be heavily involved in creating a Chariot racing arena and the Games of ‘Circus Maximus’.

There are several roles to fill within the clan concept:

Lanista: Owner and master of the Ludus (Currently filled by Judha) Judha has earned his Rudis and spent his fortune building a Ludus back in Koth, only to be betrayed by the mad King of Koth for the king saw Judha as competition for the state run Ludus and cutting into his profits. He had Judha exiled and crucified.

Felictas: (Currently open). This will be a heavily diplomatic based community liaison and the role that will be needed to keep the community involved and engaged in arena events both at the Red Sands Arena, and the Ludus arena. The Felictas will also manage the gambling side of the Gladiator fights, rating fighters, creating gambling odds, and managing the money. The Felictas will have to maintain the clan “bank” where each player’s and the clan’s wealth are stored.

Doctores: Trainer of the Gladiators (Currently Open).

Rudiarius: A gladiator who already won their freedom and presented a Rudis. They continue to fight willingly and often are granted special benefits within the Ludus; companions, wine, luxuries, anything to keep them fighting for the Ludus. A Ludus retaining Rudiarius were highly prized in tournaments and the payout was greater because they featured such great fighters. The thrill of seeing a champion of so many fights risking their life long after their debt had been paid. The citizens viewed them as immortal, but the risk of seeing them fall drove attendance. (This is a rank that players will have to earn through fighting their way to freedom)


Rudis: Often former Gladiators named after the wooden sword granted to Gladiators who earned their freedom, they refereed fights after retiring from the arenas. (Another rank needed to be earned)

We also need players to fill the role of “students”, Gladiators in training who will earn their way into advancement roles within the clan. Each Student will have a debt to payoff to earn their freedom. Paying off their debts will be a system that calculates victories and wealth. When a student earns enough, their debt will be considered paid in full. They are free to choose a new role in the clan, be truly free and leave the clan to seek opportunity elsewhere or whatever they wish. Of course, any former student is always welcome to stay with the clan and Ludus.

Current Roster: Troy, Felix, Silwynn, Baisdruith, Vintris(Room for about 4 more)

Conventional roles within the Ludus:

Medicus: The clan apothecary and healer. (Currently filled by Dryadae) They tend to the wounded, keeping the fighters healthy and ready for their next match.

Master Smith: The clan weaponsmith and armorer. They provide the best equipment for the fighters (Currently filled by Macden)

Taskmaster: Providing Thralls and guards to keep the Ludus operational. (Currently filled by Malgris)


PermaDeath: One would think Perma-Death is mandatory in such a brutal setting, but each player has control over their own destiny. If they decide a fight to the death, it must be mutually agreed upon by all parties and has IC consequences. If no Perma-Death is agreed upon, then a fight is assumed to end as the loser being wounded and the winner reaping the bounties of victory. Wounded challengers may not challenge others within the clan or fight in the arena for 1 week as they recover from their wounds. Challenge with caution as being wounded slows down your chances of earning more.

Community Participation: Ludus Magnus is going to rely on the community to be involved to make this a great RP line for all on the Bones of Acheron server. Attendance at the Red Sands Arena during Community events will help bring the community together, allow us to RP out conflicts in a neutral setting and stimulate the server economy through gambling, trading, intrigue and espionage. We welcome at arena events, a champion from each clan to fight each other and to fight the Gladiators of Ludus Magnus.

The Ludus is fully finished complete with the Gladiator compound and dormitory as well as an extensive area for commerce.


We are going to play a neutral role within the server politics (it’s hard to profit when you alienate yourself from any one side). We are going to be a respectful, mature themed clan. We will not cause drama; our grievances are settled in the arena. In times of war, players that are active in the clan but wish to be released to fight the cause may be allowed special reprieves from their debt (interest being accrued of course  ) until any such server conflict is settled. We are also going to be a clan, so will do clan activities, excursions into the undead ruins, and anything else the game offers to be done in groups. I want to create both a tight group to game with, as well as further bring the community as a whole together. Who doesn’t love watching some blood sport and gambling?

Interested? Join now as those who enter early can establish themselves within the clan in unique roles and be a part of a clan that plans to be very active in the Server community as a whole. Imagine the glory and fame as you attend a RP event throughout the server. All will recognize you as the Champion Gladiator and swoon at your awesomeness!


Fortune & Glory!

Updated due to server wipe
Posted Jun 16, 17 · OP · Last edited Jun 17, 17
Posted Jun 16, 17 · OP
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Welcome to Cara and Chago, our newest Gladiators. Our ranks swell and we welcome any interested in a rich story and great RP clan.
Posted Jun 17, 17 · OP
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