The Battle of Dark Mountain brought fire, death, and misery. Though the keep and city lie in ruins and the King has vanished, the people of the small settlement remain strong.
Who We Are:

A Clan heavily themed on the unusual unity of Cimmerians and Nordheimers, with attention to old Norse and Celtic culture.

The settlement of New Cromheim consists of mostly Cimmerians and Nordheimers. Once warmongering enemies, they now work together in the Exiled Lands. Being from the north, those that worship Gods of the Valhalla-pantheon, including Crom, are welcome. Though we do not close our doors to those who worship others, you will find no idols of Set or Yog in our keep.

While those of New Cromheim remain peaceful and open towards outsiders, most possess a brutal side shown only to those that provoke it.

Chrann Saor, the Tree of Hope

What We Offer (IC)

History! Though the Battle of Dark Mountain nearly destroyed our way of life, the people of New Cromheim remain strong. Forging ever stronger ties with our allies like the Amazons, we will persevere. Come be a part of our future as we rebuild!

Northern Culture! New Cromheim was built on the unique alliance of Cimmerians and Nordheimers. As such, our traditions are richly rooted in the lore of the north and Norse history.

What We Offer (OOC)

Location, location, location! We have a great spot almost smack in the middle of the map. Several iron deposits are only yards away. The river just down the hill offers plenty of fiber trees and wood. Antelope are plentiful, and there is no shortage of rhinoceroses or alligators nearby. Just a short jaunt away rests the spider cave for all of your ichor, silk and crystal needs.

Opportunities! We are rebuilding, and that means potential for leadership roles is high. Our hope is to form a council to make decisions, and we need LOTS of help with construction!

What We Seek In Our Members:

Great Storylines - Already New Cromheim has experienced war, politics, romance, and intrigue. Bring us more! Got a large concept we can help with? Lay it on us.

Mechanics = RP - We have several ideas to force elements of the game to become RP elements, like clearing our former enemy's bases, gathering materials or food, and more. We'd love to see people interested in this sort of RP!

Out of Character - Keep IC/OOC separate, don't meta game. We're a friendly group, let's keep it that way!

Maturity - Conan Exiles is a game for adults. Please know our members frequently post NSFW content in local or clan chat.

Joining New Cromheim:

New Cromheim makes their home on the EU RP-PVP server Bones of Acheron.

What Bones of Acheron Offers

Population! Though we are an EU based server, you'll find a good mix of EU and US players with us. We average 10 players at all times, with healthy bursts on the weekends. Our Discord is always active. Want RP? You'll find it here.

Helpful admins! A group of several admins who come to assist with even the smaller little bugs. Those discovered to be abusing their powers are dealt with.

To inquire about joining Bones of Acheron and New Cromheim, please visit http://bonesofacheron.shivtr.com/

Also feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions!

Happy RP!