The Fallen Order is a newly sprung up kingdom. It is found on the top of a wide and extremely high mesa, with magnificent views. A winding staircase wraps around the mesa's walls, leading dizzily up to the very top.

Two former Exiles are leading the Order. Tylen Valex is a muscular man whose force of will led to the building up to the heights. Lexi Autumn is a refined flower of a woman, seemingly more fit for a sumptuous palace than the harsh world outside. He is the brute muscle and soldier, she the diplomacy and advice.

Now what are we looking for? Able bodies willing to work hard. More than that, however, is the ability to offer something worthwhile. Do you want to be let in the gates of the high Fallen Order? Then do not arrive empty handed, or bereft of any notable skills. The following are examples of the skills we're looking for the most. If you don't see something here, offer your services anyway. I'm sure we can use a variety of people!

-Builders. Obviously putting up an entire city on top of a mountainous mesa is a daunting task. Thus builders are very in demand.

-Slaves. Most of these will be put to work in whatever tasks need doing, determined upon acquiring the slave. An exception is pretty females, who may ask about being personal attendants to Lexi Autumn herself. The man known as Tylen Valex can certainly use his own servants as well.

-Soldiers/Guards. The backbone of the Order's military security. They will be overseen by Tylen himself, though there is always room for an especially good soldier to rise up and claim the honor of leading the men. Tasked with keeping borders safe and the populace in line with local laws.

-Crafters/Artisans. Slaves will likely do the bulk of material collecting. But what to do with all the stone, the fine woods and plants brought in, among other exotic ingredients? Talented craftspeople are badly needed to turn the raw goods into top-shelf products!

-Priests/Priestesses. Religion matters. Establish yourself as the Order's religious leader! As always you will have to show you have the right stuff and work for it.

OOC INFORMATION: On Enjin, you may contact me directly. Disryna is my username. I'm also on Discord as Disryna also, please feel free to message me about joining this exciting new venture! To get hold of Tylen Valex, his Enjin and Discord usernames are the same - Rebel.