Hello all!
Please review the server link first, and make sure this is the place for you. We have very active admins, who have pre-placed NPC camps around the server too add extra flavor, as well as events, like town sieges, ect!

The second link is a small showcase of some sections of the city so far.

We have started a clan on this server with the intentions of creating an immersive village/keep feel that might emerge in the Exiled Lands. Sticking roughly to the lore and themes in the R.E. Howard books and the 80's movies.
By this, I mean we would try to gather people as many city states would in such a time, by offering safe haven, promise of stability and a common goal that favors all involved. As well, by influence of course, force and the sword will convince many, hours on a wheel, even more. :)

I hope to establish a sort of democracy by meritocracy. Where everyone has a chance to voice their opinion on the goals or future of the city. Leadership roles could vary widely, mostly based on what the first few people want to do. For example some obvious ones that could be filled would be a religious leader. I would prefer to stick to one dominant religion within the city at a time, with the others being able to vie for the top position. With Trade Masters, Thrall Masters, perhaps a Captain of the Guard, Blacksmiths, whatever is relevant that people want to do. As the founder ,and defacto current leader, my character fills the role of neutrality on religion. Worshiping very lightly Crom, as he more then suspects no ones listening, but having no doubt in the Gods existence or power. He would only want the strongest priest among his people to step forward to lead, in all matters. I.E. the smartest trader, ect. To be decided by the people, any dispute to be settled with a trial by combat, or a relevant test of skill.
Of course not everyone will agree with who is strongest, or who should be in charge, and no one asked the Caesar for a fair fight in his removal! :)