The Kingdom of Cadia
City of the Exiled

Cadia is a RP Hub on the Beyond Borders RP server. It's main focus is to provide a thriving city for people to RP in while at the same time providing PvP and PvE opportunities through outpost the kingdom sets up around the server.

The Princess of Cadia
Once ruled over by it's founder, it is now looked after by his daughter Arare. Known for her tight grip on crystals mines, her desire for treasures from the lands, and being a virgin queen with no heirs. Since she has been throned the kingdom has had a civil war as people resist her rule and other figures gather support to take the throne. Until she can prove herself worthy to her people and confirm her father's death she has decided to keep the title of princess.


Who can join?
Cadia will take anyone in who will not cause trouble within the city. Whatever happens outside of the city is beyond their concern so long as it does not affect the city.
Roles are needed or possible to fill
-Merchants and crafters
-Brothel owner
-Royal family members
-Servants for the palace