Now that we are LIVE! (insert barbaric scream of joy here) there are some things I would advise all guilds who advertise here to do. Be sure to mention the SERVER your guild is on, with a link to that server's information. It would also be good to simply state the server rules, even if you just copy/pasta from the server's informational pages.

Be clear as to your theme and how heavy your lore will be and even from what sources it is drawn. You might be Howard purists, you might consider L. Sprague de Camp canon, you might be pulling form the Dark Horse comics or the RPGs that are out there. Heck, you might just be using the movies as your guide. No matter which though, it is very helpful for people looking for guilds to have an idea of what "version" of Conan you are pulling from for the setting of your server and/or guild.