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Majere Conan Rp Server and Rules Discord Link Provided

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Name; Server:Majere Exiles: RP Focus, minor PVP
Server IP;
Link to give in Conan to discord;

Majere Discord:

Now listed and claimed, Log into vote for our server!

Before getting into the rules i would like to state that this is first and foremost an RP server, here to promote RP in Conan Exiles. As we do know some enjoy combat, as such pvp it will be implemented into the server rules but RP will become first and foremost.(edited)
General Rules;

1.Names: All character names must be Rp friendly, and Fantasty friendly. There will be no, Dickwaver900, you will be given a chance to remake a character but if you refuse you will be banned.

2.RolePlay: All rp must be done in Local, global chat and guild chat is reserved for OOC.

3.Banning: Each person will be given a mark when an offence happens and proof is gathered for it, after three marks the person will be banned, there character reset and any building removed if they are alone.

4.Ban Removal: Each person will be allowed to petition to have the ban lifted on them, if they present a proper case to admins. This doesn't not mean you are guaranteed that the ban will be lifted. Which they will start from square one, with no exceptions.
Building Rules;

1.Foundations: No foundation walls We understand there are times when you need to use several in a stack, we just ask these be limited or found workarounds as they do create a large amount of lag.

2.Bases: One base, and three outposts max per guild. Outpost will be restricted in size, and be subject to RP standards. There will be no boxes filled with benches and containers, all outposts must be limited to one large building or small Fort. (Fort: A fortified building, or strategic position.)

3.Main Bases: Each base will be allowed a max of 36 foundations per player living and building in said base. Example, if you are alone you will be allowed 36. If you are in a group of three, you are allowed 108.

4.Buildings: We will enforce all buildings to be RP friendly, Seas of box’s will not be allowed unless they are decorated enough to support RP friendliness and immersion.

5.Spawn blocking: As there are a lot of cool spots we understand blocking some smaller spawns. But building over to many spawns, or blocking paths will bring cause to have buildings removed.

6.War Outpost: These are outposts that are created for the sense of Raiding to be done, and these will be the only bases that can be attacked or destroyed but not leveled.

7.War camps: Must be made of tier 1 materials, and walls must be palisade. Buildings must be small enough to be used as ‘tents’ with no doors. Only crafting stations that would make sense for the defenders to repair equipment or to create arrows will be allowed.(edited)

1.KOS: There will be none, all PVP will be initiated by rp first. Anyone caught breaking this rule will receive their first mark with screenshot proof being presented to an admin. Said rp interactions has to be more then “Hey you, give me your stuff or die.”

2.Raiding: Raiding may only be done by initiating Rp first, you cannot raid a player's main base. Raiding will be handled at set outposts created by said warring factions. As such Building damage will be turned on when an agreed time is created by both sides. Said base raiding will be monitored by an attending admin, and times posted on Discord.

3.Sieges: When a war outpost is placed under siege, the winning side will be determined after a set criteria is met. Defenders, must hold their war Outpost for the duration of the pvp time slotted. Attackers must hold the main fort building at the end of the pvp time slotted. There will be no repairing, or replacing walls or doors during a siege. Palisades will be allowed during lulls in combat, sieges are to be treated like true bronze age warfare.
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