House of Messala
The Eagle of the West

There are very few names in these lands that have survived the tests of time. So little has remained since the long forgotten battle with the Dark Legion brought the noble houses of the Exiled Lands to their knees. But there is one name that will be remembered through the ages, “House Messala”.

We are an ancient and very old house, our history is rich with the lore of these lands. Since the days of ‘Old Availia’ our family has not only existed, but has flourished in these lands. Our blood stems from a long lineage of Hyborian and Aquilonian roots.

As a Clan we focus mainly on the economy (developing monopolies over resources), we are nobles, and we love to relish in the fruits of our labors. As part of our House you can be assured that you will be involved in some of the most Server Lore enriched events in the “Ruins of the Storm”.

As a member of our family , you will receive your own private quarters in our estate, a household rich with lush Aquilonian architectures and art. Our House is very structured, the RP is unending, while you are a member of our house, you are not a slave to our family. Each member has a purpose, work your way up the ranks and you will find your time in these lands most satisfying. If you have an affinity for Nobility, economic dominance, and a more refined civil way of life, House Messala is the Clan for you.

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We are on the " Ruins of the Storm 18+(Heavy RP/Light PVP) " server.

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