Would it not be folly..to promote ones-self as being known to earn her coin in skullduggery and theft..? Therefor, it is from whispered rumors, cursed exclamations of rage and gutter-gossip that one might learn from the Guild of Thieves at Slavers Bay. (Teliths's Island)

The concept is very simple, pirates, street rats, pickpockets, thieves, dealers and beggars are welcome... You don't find them, they find you, and even then, their trust grows slowly. Perched on various lookouts overseeing the tradeposts South and North learning about the wealthy and needy, one might have the best chance of glimpsing one of this obscure craft.

Most are in it for the money, perhaps some regard their profession as a way of striking back at a society that so cruelly discarded them, while some merely enjoy the thrill, or even regard their abilities as an art form.
Although some of its members' rather violent nature is recognized by many, it is known that the Guild prefers to refrain from inflicting unnecessary bloodshed – they are thieves, after all, not a bunch of murderers or assassins. It is also common knowledge that the gang lead by Sly, are willing to carry out a wide variety of tasks given to them by outsiders – granted that you've got the coin – whether it is to do with roughening up an old rival, or retrieving or transporting items of interest. They are up for near everything that's in their skill-set to do, as long as a promise of gold is involved.

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