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The place to talk about the PvE & PvP portions of Exiles in the form of questions, tips, guides, etc.
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By Eyra o 12 hours ago
The place to discuss game mods--be it requesting specific mods, advertising quality ones, etc.
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By NorseKorean Wed at 11:32 pm
A series of stools and a table to tell your OWN story.
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By Syrrius Wed at 11:12 am
Discussion about general topics.
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By Anukshep o Apr 16, 17
Report your bugs and describe your wishes to the future of CE
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By Alexandria ao Fri at 02:38 pm
A place to post information that is not Conan related
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By Nero/Vakro Apr 11, 17
Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of
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For discussion of the upcoming pen and paper Conan RPG.
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By shadyia Jan 27, 17
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Official news and announcements.
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By check engine Apr 8, 17
Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By Lleilwin a Feb 10, 17
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A place to discuss the practice of roleplay; guides on roleplay, lore, etc.
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By Alexandria ao Fri at 08:50 am
Tell us about your characters
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By Karivishal 23 hours ago
A place to post Conan inspired fan fiction and character stories
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By Eyra o Sun at 11:12 am
A place to discuss Howard's works and how they relate to the game
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By Rinahime Dec 11, 16
A forum to include all other authors, movies, comics, etc.
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By Karivishal Sun at 01:41 pm
Guilds and Events
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Advertise your guild
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By Lexi Autumn 40 mins ago
Advertise your event
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By Alexandria ao Thu at 07:04 am
Advertise your server
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By Abel Rickson o 3 hours ago
Looking for a place to belong? Write your wishes!
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By Spheryn Sat at 09:38 pm
Art and Multimedia
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A place to share art you have created, be it illustrations, screenshots, videos, etc. (May contain NSFW images)
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By Mavina Mar 9, 17
A place to share the cool Conan art we find around the web--please include correct artist attribution wherever possible! (May contain NSFW images)
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By Rinahime Jul 7, 16
What are you listening to that you just -must- share with us?
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By Naatok a Apr 5, 17
Maps, maps, MAPS
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By Minaya Jan 30, 17
The place to sell Conan-related items, including but not limited to official merchandise, books, and art commissions. This is the ONLY subforum where advertising is allowed, and it must be limited to Conan themed items/services.
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By Alexandria ao Apr 6, 17
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